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  • This tall kitchen stool is in hazel with spalted beech top. It measures 20" high (50cm) the top measures 11" (28cm) x 10" (25cm) wide.

    € 200.00
  • This stunning bowl is a magnificient 37 cms diameter and 13 cms high.  Ideal for those who enjoy giving large parties and makes a wonderful centre piece when not in use.  After use wipe with olive oil. Do not put in the dishwasher and avoid using washing up liquid.

    € 90.00
  • 29 cms in diameter and 11 cms high.  There is a wonderful scale and solidity to Tony's bowls, where the grain of the wood works harmoniously within the context of the design.  Stunning work.

    € 120.00
  • by Roger BennettA sycamore bowl coloured black and inlaid with silver dots in a spiral pattern.  Surprisingly light to handle, and gracefully shaped.  The use of silver make this bowl mesmerically beautiful.  Approximately 13 cms in diameter and 3 cms high.

    € 285.00
  • by Roger BennettThis green coloured sycamore bowl is inlaid with eight undulating lines of silver dots.  The effect is dramatic and exquisite.

    € 246.00
  • by Roger BennettGreen coloured sycamore bowl with inlaid silver dots in a controlled random pattern.  Approximately 11cms in diameter and 2.5 high.  

    € 266.00
  • Famine Chair, approximately 49 inches high.  Made from Irish timber, flaming beech from Cahir Castle.  Each end has blocks of wood, inspired by the dry stone wall from the west of Ireland. The small storage area under the seat is a reference to the need for functionalism as opposed to luxury, at a time when man's need was great.

    € 2,250.00
  • 27cms in diameter and 8cms high this is a beautifully made salad bowl and ideal for a small gathering of friends or family.  Beautifully made by artisan Tony Farrell and we can't recommend them more highly.

    € 80.00
  • 39cms in diameter by 8cms high.  A beautiful shallow sycamore bowl by Tony Farrell which lends itself to wonderful salads where all the leaves, colours and herbs can be beautifully shown off.

    € 140.00
  • A beautiful set of hand carved, knife finished spoons by Bill Faulkner.  They are both very decorative and useful and make a wonderful Christmas present for the artisan cook. Made from apple wood, sycamore and ash.  SOLD AS A SET and will vary as handmade.

    € 100.00
  • Four Geometric Eggcups, made from sustainable Irish beech hardwood.  Egg cups come in a printed presentation box.  Size (approx): 70mm x 70mm.

    € 38.00
  • Handwoven seat known as Sugan with green wood frame in hazel.  A beautiful combination of traditional craft making techniques.  40 cms high with a seat 42cms x 36cms.

    € 95.00
  • Hedge Chair by James Beacham.  A great perch beside the kitchen range or as a bedroom chair.  This is a contemporary take on original 'Hedge' design.  See below. 

    € 140.00
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