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  • Isobel Marinot-Wood's beautiful feather lampshades create wonderful atmosphere in the home.  A mixture of pheasant feathers, their hidden tones and colours are brought to life by the shining bulb inside, but the lampshades look equally striking in natural light when the iridescence of the feathers can be seen.  A work of art in themselves, no two shades...

    € 160.00
  • Inspired by industrial style, this adjustable Cage Table Lamp is striking when used for minimal and / or vintage décor. This pulley table light can be adjusted to suit aesthetics or tasks moulding itself to the individual nature of its owner.  The wire frame exposes the Edison bulb, sold with lamp, for a striking look. Made from a solid brass frame with a...

    € 305.00
  • This is a really stunning and well made lamp bringing style and visual comfort to any room.  An excellent task light, this desk lamp is fully adjustable and allows unique control over the lit area.  Ideal for a desk, side table and bedside table.  Lit with a LED Teardrop Dimmable Filament style bulb, as inspired by Thomas Edison, which is sold with lamp.

    € 260.00
  • A beautiful table lamp, suitable for a desk, side table or bedside table.  Designed for versatility, this reading table lamp features an adjustable head that allows you to direct light exactly where you need it.  Photographed with an LED teardrop Edison bulb as inspired by the Thomas Edison carbon filament bulb.

    € 280.00
  • This lamp combines an almost scultptural interest with light, that changes according to where the lamp is viewed from in the room.  The vintage brass finish adds to the lamps' interest, creating a varied and textured patina.  It is a lamp with dramatic interest and looks fantastic on an entrance table.  The industrial and vintage look is enhanced through...

    € 278.00
  • Wattage: 4W.  Height:  13.5 cm.  Diameter:  6.2 cm.  Colour:  Warm white.  Lifetime:  25,000 hours.  Dimmable.

    € 20.00
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