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  • 'My Chair' gives children a place to sit all of their very own.  In its stick and branch like form, it retains all the charm to be found in woodland and leads the imagination straight into a kingdom of pixies, fairies, elves and all the associated adventures so loved by children.

    € 260.00
  • Bill Faulkner, in his excellent reinvention of a whiskey barrel has used the charred surfaces and natural curve in staves to brilliant effect.  This stool, with contrasting surfaces has a strong contemporary feel whilst paying tribute to the age old whiskey making traditions.  48cm high and 53cm wide. 

    € 180.00
  • A beautiful table by Bill Faulkner to complete the trio of furniture he has designed and made from a single whiskey barrel.  Inverted staves provide the three legs, exposing the charred surface and the table top is taken from the top of the barrel.  31 inches high x 21 inches in diameter.

    € 250.00
  • A stunning arm chair by Bill Faulkner made from a whiskey barrel.  All the quirks of the barrel; bung hole, staves, markings of the metal rings on the oak and charred surfaces are incorporated into this simple design to create something truly wonderful.  87 cms high.   PLEASE ALLOW SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

    € 375.00
  • Another lovely chair by Bill Faulkner made using a whiskey barrel, with a back rest curved and shaped from the metal hoops around the barrel.  These chairs are quirky, highly unique, whilst also practical and for all those whiskey lovers you really can't beat their connection with the eponymous Jameson whiskey.  Approximately 87 cms high.

    € 250.00
  • Hedge Chair by James Beacham.  A great perch beside the kitchen range or as a bedroom chair.  This is a contemporary take on original 'Hedge' design.  See below. 

    € 140.00
  • These incredibly cosy footstools are proving very popular; 40cms square and high.

    € 230.00
  • With a wood turned base by Darragh Sinnott and felt seat by Leiko Uchiyama, this collaboration perfectly blends modernity in a stool.  Ideal as perches by the fireside, tapas, for late night chats and not least something decorative for the room.  28 cms in diameter.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.  ONLY GREY STOOL AVAILABLE.

    € 280.00
  • A favourite of ours with blue as subtle contrast to the grey.  These stools are an exceptional example of Irish craft and the unique collaboration with Leiko Uchiyama and Darragh Sinnott.  Ideal as little seats beside the fire to create atmosphere and invite conversation.  PLEASE ALLOW SIX WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

    € 280.00
  • Beautifully made driftwood stools ideal for fireside chats, footstools or as a little place to rest your glass beside the sofa.  Approximately 42 cms wide by 26cms high.

    € 45.00
  • Old Irish chair circa 1890 and popularly known as a 'famine' chair since it is made in the style of furniture that emerged in Ireland during the 1850's when people had limited resources and built pieces out of foraged wood and branches from hedgerows (stick furniture).  Poignant furniture that has become rare and very beautiful.

    € 490.00
  • Old Irish settle which transforms into a table.  Made in Waterford.  Circa 1890.  Rare of its type.  

    € 1,500.00
  • Old Irish chair circa 1890 made in the style of 'famine chairs' referencing a period in Irish history when there was very little and furniture was made from wood foraged.  Very poignant and beautiful.

    € 490.00
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