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  • These beautiful, artisan soaps are made with essential oils and original scents blended by baressential.  They are presented in a selection box containing eight pieces.  Upon lifting the lid you are greeted with a visual and aromatic feast.

    € 13.50
  • by Lucinda Robertson These lightweight, blown glasses have an ergonomic form which when held mold to your hand.The colour adds something very special and blends perfectly into the glass. Approximately 9 cms in diameter and 9 cms high.Hand made and therefore no two glasses are ever identical.  Every glass is signed by the maker.

    € 27.00
  • Hand painted coffee mugs using a vibrant palette; blue, yellow, green, red and purple.  Also perfectly proportioned for an Expresso. Each one is unique so when ordering there will be the surprise element of the lucky dip.  However, the colours used compliment one another to create a lively and colourful effect reminiscent of the carousel. 

    € 17.00
  • by Rosemarie Durr. Available in two sizes in the powdered blue glaze.  The larger bowls are ideal for cereal and the smaller for jam, dips and little puddings.Safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave.

    € 10.00
  • Cups made from thrown porcelain and covered with a porcelain slip containing copper carbonate. During firing a mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and water is sprayed into the kiln at high temperatures. The resultant reactions leave behind cups with great subtlety of palette; smoky grey, russet, turquoise and lemon. 

    € 55.00
  • Something for your child to have all of their own, where they can be in charge of pouring their own milk.  Available in two designs; Cat with kitten or Little Grey Pony.Mug - 7.5 cms high approximately.  Bowl - 12 cms in diameter approximately.  Jug - 8 cms high approximtely.

    € 18.68
  • Porcelain tea lights imprinted by Eileen with lace, flowers and some of her own drawings.  Porcelain has a translucent quality and therefore allows for a beautiful glow of light once candles are lit inside. Small - 7 cms high and 5 cms in diameter Medium - 7 cms high and 11 cms in diameter

    € 25.00
  • A very sweet soap with Irish hilly landscape and a sheep. Sold individually. The felt (merino wool) acts as a facecloth with the soap inside.  Scented with lavender essential oil. 

    € 3.00
  • Practical as well as highly decorative, illustrating Jerpoint's trademark wisps of colour floating through the glass.  Available in three different colours.Not suitable for the dishwasher.Please allow up to one week for delivery.

    € 45.00
  • Three different sizes of plates.  Available in powdered blue glaze.

    € 26.60
  • The weave of this blanket takes its inspiration from the traditional snail trail pattern, but in this instance the twill and herringbone is reinterpreted to give the design its distinctive curves and boxes.  It is hand woven to give a soft looseness to the wool and strikes a beautiful balance between the traditional and contemporary to give real texture...

    € 89.00
  • Made with 100% donegal wool.  Very hard wearing, so that when one child has outgrown it is just right for the next...and when no more children teddy won't say no.   NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS

    € 37.50
  • Skibs were a traditional basket from the West of Ireland used to strain and then serve potatoes.  The skib was placed at the centre of the gathering, in some cases in place of a table, and used as a communal serving plate for potatoes. After use it was rinsed, hung on the wall and came to be seen as an integral part of cottage furnishing.     

    € 64.00
  • Copper glazed, hand made oven dishes perfect for quiches, apple crumbles or fish pies.  The colour is very beautiful and very much a colour of the sea and coastline where Mary lives and works in Ardmore. Safe for use in the dishwasher. 

    € 45.00
  • Earthenware mugs available in three sizes; early morning expresso, after lunch coffee and afternoon cup of tea?!   Sold invidually.

    € 19.00
  • There is a wonderful play of light, as it moves across the round and straight surfaces of these candlesticks.  Coloured strands give just a flicker of colour in the ball at the neck of the candle.  23.5 cms high.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

    € 37.00
  • One colour on rim. Very beautiful bowls available in several colours and two sizes; small 24 cms in approx and large 27 cms diameter approx. If not in stock please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

    € 200.00
  • Children's jumpers made with 100% Donegal wool.  Very hard wearing so that when one child has outgrown it is just right for the next (and when no more children teddy won't say no).

    € 37.50
  • Stoneware with buttermilk glaze.  5cms high and 7.5cms in diameter.

    € 25.00
  • Approximately 14 cms high with a diameter of 33 cms diameter.  Make beautiful centrepieces in any home.

    € 125.00
  • These incredibly cosy footstools are proving very popular; 40cms square and high.

    € 230.00
  • 'My Chair' gives children a place to sit all of their very own.  In its stick and branch like form, it retains all the charm to be found in woodland and leads the imagination straight into a kingdom of pixies, fairies, elves and all the associated adventures so loved by children.

    € 260.00
  • Undoubtedly an heirloom ideal for handing down the generations.  This beautiful moses basket by Ciaran Hogan, is made from willow.  At 81 cms (length) and 44 cms (width) it is slightly larger than the commercial baskets and therefore your baby will enjoy it for longer.  Please note there may be a six week delivery period. 

    € 305.00
  • Ideal for wrapping your hands around whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea. Available in a powdered blue glaze.

    € 16.00
  • Beautiful jugs and sugar bowls sold individually to compliment Mary's coffee mug.  Each is hand painted and the design so varied that we are offering a lucky dip effect when buying.  Colours reminiscent of the carousel in blues, reds, yellows, and greens and Mary's palette is highly complimentary so everything goes.  A must for anyone who loves their coffee.

    € 17.00
  • Children's jumper made from 100% Donegal wool.  Very hardwearing and one child has outgrown will be just right for the next (and when no other children teddy won't say no).  NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS.

    € 37.50
  • Kerry border napkins in white, featuring hand drawn threadwork demonstrating the skills of a very traditional hand craft.  100% linen.  46cms by 46cms.

    € 12.00
  • Children's jumpers made with 100% Donegal wool.  Incredibly hard wearing so when one child has outgrown just right for the next (and when no more children teddy won't say no).  NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS.

    € 37.50
  • Porcelain with subtle hues of smoky grey, turquoise, lemon and rust.  Bowl 2.5 inches high and 3.5 inches in diameter.  

    € 45.00
  • The beautiful shape of these jugs, both small and large is enhanced by the varying blues in the glaze. AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY

    € 45.00
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