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Together and Apart / River and Sea

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Sterling silver ring designed to be worn as two (together) or as one (apart).  In our view both are lovely.  Available in gold or silver and look especially good if you wear one gold and one silver.  Please let us know by email your ring size when ordering.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

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I am of Ireland often works with craft makers to develop new ideas and this is one such occasion. We had a small idea for a ring (we have a few more in the pipeline) and took it to silversmith Felix Faulkner, who brought it to another level. Since the ring was born in a place surrounded by the Blackwater River and sea we decided to name it Together and Apart / River and Sea.  It seemed especially apt as our home gallery, nerve centre to our website is  situated at the very point where the Blackwater River meets the sea. What seems important is whether the ring is worn as two or one, either way has a unique beauty.  

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