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Famine Chair

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Famine Chair, approximately 49 inches high.  Made from Irish timber, flaming beech from Cahir Castle.  Each end has blocks of wood, inspired by the dry stone wall from the west of Ireland. The small storage area under the seat is a reference to the need for functionalism as opposed to luxury, at a time when man's need was great.

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Irish Famine Chairs came to prominence, during the 'Great Famine', 1845 - 1852 at a time when their was mass starvation and disease in the country. 

Furniture from this period, found in the homes of tenant farmers was developed from salvaged materials and basic tools held in the hands of men who had very little, resulting in irregular yet strikingly simple designs.  In hindsight, chairs from this time evoke respect and empathy for the victims of this tragedy and Joe Lawler's 'famine chair' is a beautiful tribute.

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