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Expresso Cups

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1.5 inches high and 3 inches in diameter.  Made from thrown porcelain and covered with a porcelain slip containing copper carbonate. During firing a mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and water is sprayed into the kiln at high temperatures. The resultant reactions leave a subtlety of palette; smoky grey, russet, turquoise and lemon.

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“Looking for a place to begin, I wrote a note in a sketchbook. It was an instruction which simply said 'Just make the pots that you want to make'.  In the end, it comes back to basics and what I feel are the essential things about my work.  Primarily I know it is to do with function although not necessarily about utility and usefulness.  Secondly I question its place in the world.”  Jack Doherty

Jack's work explores vessels and the ancient layers of cultural resonance embedded within archetypal forms. Made from porcelain, the forms are thrown then carved and shaped reflecting the fluidity of the material and physicality of making. The elemental colour and surface texture are created by the fusion of fire and soda in the intense heat of the kiln,leaving behind a subtle palette of smoky grey, lemon, russet and turquoise.

Born in Co Derry, Jack trained in Ceramics at the Ulster College of Art and Design, Belfast. He worked at Kilkenny Design Workshops before establishing his first studio in Co Armagh and then in Herefordshire. In 2008 he moved to Cornwall to take up the role as Lead Potter at the restored Leach Pottery setting up the new production studio.

Jack's individual pots have been exhibited extensively both in the UK and internationally. He has been the Chair of the CPA for 10 years, a founder and current Chair of Ceramic Art London and from 2008 – 2013, the first Lead Potter and Creative Director of the Leach Pottery from 2008-2013.

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