Somewhere Else by Conrad Frankel


Somewhere Else by Conrad Frankel 2021. Oil on wooden panel. Unframed. 8 inches x 6.5 inches.

Israeli Palestine conflict. “I’ve been watching the rockets on the BBC website and feeling the tragedy of it all. I have many friends in that part of the world, and I know how terrible it is for them to live under such circumstances. I needed to connect with it. From a painter’s point of view, explosions and rockets are very paintable. I wanted to try something new….walking around North Cork, witnessing chestnut spikes and the new lime green solar panels on the trees has been fascinating this year, particularly with the contrast of the rain and grey skies. Then, I come in from painting and see these images of explosions and fires online, every day destruction, and I couldn’t help responding to it. I’d been thinking about it for years, and saving screenshots of explosions on my iPad. This recent Israeli Palestine conflict just bought me to the easel with a sense of urgency. Looking at these images from a visual point of view, it’s very abundant. Nothing is more abundant than a bomb exploding. We don’t usually think of abundance as a deadly thing, and I wanted to show it somehow. We are more abundant as a species than ever. It is no surprise we are fighting.” Conrad Frankel

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