Argonaut by Dominique Crowley


Argonaut by Dominique Crowley, 2023. Oil and acrylic resin on braced wood panel. 40 x 40 cms.

Crowley’s new body of work has partly been informed by the Marsh Library’s extensive collection of writings by Italian natural scientist, Ulisse Aldrovandi. His depictions of monsters within a systematic taxonomic classification of animal and plant groupings, along with a collation of earlier cultural depictions and references to philosophy and mythology have been of particular interest to Crowley.

Modelled closely on Dublin’s Natural History Museum this recent body of work by Crowley explores display cabinets, early encyclopaedias and museums; the ordering and organisation of nature as driven through exploration, colonialism and resource extraction. There is an inherent tension in the work between this subject matter and the manner in which the paintings are rendered. Bright saturated candy-coloured displays and light refractions are heightened by the glass-like reflective resin finish.

“These ‘screen’ paintings are firmly set in the present but ask that we look back to look forward. Thinking both about the edge of knowledge, and how early science originated, may open up new ways of considering how new knowledge is created. It adds another voice calling for a reorientation in the way humans live with nature amid the crises of climate change and inequality.” Dominique Crowley

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