Art Book by Andrea Newman


Art Book by Andrea Newman. Hand printed fold out to include a Housing Crisis Dictionary in Irish. Includes punched out detail referencing metal hoarding attached to abandoned homes – doors / windows smashed to affix hoarding. Folded 11 cms x 15 cms. Unfolded 42 cms x 34 cms.

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Andrea Newman is a visual artist and recent graduate working and living in Cork City. In her recent work she utilises lost Irish language to explore Ireland’s current housing crisis. She is specifically interested in documenting socioeconomic issues and does so through the combined mediums of photography, print, installation and bookmaking. In her degree show the artist embarked on a case study featuring derelict council houses on the north side of Cork City and the irony and classism this represents amidst a housing crisis.

In 2023 she graduated from MTU Crawford College of Art and Design with a first-class honors degree in Fine Art. She was awarded the CiarĂ¡n Langford Memorial Bursary with Backwater Artists Group and the Roberts Nathan Student of the Year Award with Lavit Gallery. She is a member of Cork Printmakers and Sample Studios. She most recently exhibited in ORIGINS, The Mill at Lismore Castle Arts, 2023.

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