Belief in Self by Bernadette Doolan


Belief in Self in Bernadette Doolan. Oil on Canvas. 100 cms x 100 cms.

Bernadette Doolan’s work explores the fragility of the human condition primarily through depicting aspects of childhood. This interest relates to the resilience and strength children demonstrate even through their vulnerabilities. It is perspective explored through reflection of her own childhood and an awareness of how socialization modifies our behaviours. Her work has been described as having an ‘emotional weight with psychological intensity that is not necessarily representing the physical, but one’s internal voice’.

Bernadette has exhibited nationally and internationally. She also exhibits regularly in the annual group shows at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Royal Ulster Academy, Society Women Artists London, Bath Society Artists, South West Academy U.K., and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

Awarded the Perpetual Silver Prize by the Royal Ulster Academy (2015), Irish News Award by the Royal Ulster Academy (2018), and the Rosemary & Co. Award by the Society Women Artists London (2019), Bernadette was also shortlisted for the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Exhibition (2019), and the John Richardson Residency, France (2021).

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