Bowls by David Holden


Made on a kick wheel out of native clay from the Dingle Peninsula, which David digs and then processes himself. The stoneware glaze is also made by David and gives a smooth stone like finish. Approximately 8.5 cms high x 13 cms in diameter. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

“I am interested in preserving the integrity and beauty of the clay, without adding any other materials to it. As a ceramic artist, it feels very natural for me to work in this way. It is a richer experience. Each ball of clay has a story, it has already had a journey, down the riverbeds and into the cliff faces. It has been influenced by the weather, the rain, the river flow over the millenia. It is my aim to create pieces that honestly tell this story, and respectfully reflect the landscape from which it has emerged.” David Holden

Weight1 kg
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