Children of Lir by Róisín de Buitléar


Children of Lir by Róisín de Buitléar. Blown glass, and diamond point engraved. 34 cms x 11 cms.

The Children is an Irish legend. According to the story there was an Irish King called Lir with four beautiful children. Their mother died when the children were very young and King Lir eventually remarried. But the new Queen was a devious woman of witchcraft who wanted the throne to herself, and saw the children as a threat to her plans.

One day, the Queen took the children down to the lake to teach them to swim, but once the children got into the water, the evil Queen cast a spell on them, turning them into Swans.

For 900 years the Children of Lir were doomed to live as swans by daylight and only in the light of a full moon could they take their human form. They lived on lake Davra, the sea of Moyle and the lake Isle of Glora in Mayo, before their spell was broken with the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.

When the Children of Lir heard the sound of bells ringing out from a church, they flew down to investigate and as they entered the church their feathers fell away and they once again became human.

Róisín de Buitléar is an internationally renowned glass artist. Born in Dublin, 1963. She has been working with glass as a primary material since 1984. Her cultural heritage inspires her work. Her blown and cast work is in private and public collections in Ireland and abroad, including the National Museum Collection at Collins Barracks and the Ulster Museum Belfast. Site specific installations using a wide variety of glassmaking methods can be seen in public buildings throughout Ireland, including W5 Science museum Belfast and the Blasket Island Centre in Kerry. As an educator she has given workshops in the USA, Japan, Britain, France, Canada, and Ireland and regularly lectures and writes on contemporary Irish glass. Her teaching at the National College of Art and Design Dublin spanned two decades. Next summer sees her returning to the USA to the prestigious Pilchuck Glass School as invited instructor of hot glass. She is chairperson of the Golden Fleece Art Awards advisory committee.

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