Children’s Jumper in Donegal Wool


Ochre/Saffron children’s jumper is made with 100% Donegal wool. ‘Practical and pretty’ one client told us. Perfect all year round from Irish beaches in the summer, Christmas and back to the beginning with the Daffodils in snow.


These children’s jumpers were the original idea behind I am of Ireland when we began eight years ago. At the time my three children were small and these were what they wore most of the time. They are made by my neighbour from her studio in a rural outpost. I instantly fell in love with them, and thought if I liked them so much perhaps other people might as well. And so began I am of Ireland.


1-2 years old (24 inches), 3-4 years old (26 inches), 5-6 years old (28 inches), 7-8 years old (30 inches


Cat, Squirrel, SheeplRabbit, Hedgehog

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