Compass, Sagittal View by Dominique Crowley


Compass, Sagittal View by Dominique Crowley. Oil on wooden panel. 40 cms x 40 cms.

Dominique Crowley grew up in Galway in the West of Ireland. After a career in Medicine, she studied Fine Art, first in the Royal Drawing School in London and then in Canada.

IN 2020 she graduated from NCAD with an MFA in Art in the Contemporary World, and was winner of the 2020 RHA Graduate Award. Dominique is a painter working in a style that she refers to as disrupted realism. Her paintings are figurative, tending in parts towards photo-realism. This is augmented by the application of a resin treatment to the surface which obliterates the brushstrokes creating a smoothness and heightened saturation as in a ‘screen vision’ which transforms the works into digitized objects. She incorporates symbols of digital technology in her work, critiquing the pervasive presence of the screen in our everyday lives.

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