Daffodil in Glass by Conrad Frankel


Daffodil in Glass by Conrad Frankel. Oil on wooden panel. Framed by artist. 14 inches x 17 inches.

All paintings are fluid based fictions that have dried. Ideas without words.” Conrad Frankel

Conrad’s latest work ‘Mind Objects’ embarks upon a journey to give physical presence to objects, with an awareness that their modelling or representation flows directly from our minds, and therefore our imagination; a non-physical place, where stories occur and become our reality. “The world is a story’, he says. This idea is very much at the heart of Buddhist practice, to recognise the world as illusion, and this along with the wider teachings of Buddhism underlines much of Conrad’s work.

In his still lives Conrad frequently concentrates on a sole object, focussing the mind and creating a meditative quality in his work. The result is at times heart stopping in its beauty, a tiny piece of that unique moment of ‘contact’, when physical and mental aspects connect.

It is the Buddhist saying “Where there is neither I nor you who wants to see the way”, that he finds himself particularly drawn to, driving him to look for realities through alternative channels.

‘Mind Objects’ embraces the world as illusion, through the physical realms of paint, which allow Conrad to tread softly between the luminosity of light, clarity of thought and the shadow of darkness.

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