Feather Lampshade


Isobel Marinot-Wood’s beautiful feather lampshades create wonderful atmosphere in the home. A mixture of pheasant feathers, their hidden tones and colours are brought to life by the shining bulb inside, but the lampshades look equally striking in natural light when the iridescence of the feathers can be seen. A work of art in themselves, no two shades are alike. Please allow six weeks for delivery.

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Isobel Marinot-Wood makes and designs, not only bespoke hats and headpieces, but the latest ‘feather in her cap’ has been the creation of bespoke feather lampshades, leading from fashion into interiors.

Isobel’s background was in jewellery design and goldsmithing, having studied in Belfast at the University of Ulster, but finding the materials quite harch, she was always drawn to softer materials, such as feathers.

The outdoors is a constant source of inspiration in Isobel’s designs. Her childhood was spent in County Kildare and from as early as she can remember she had a love of the outdoors. Later Isobel developed an interest in hunting, shooting and fishing. Today, she lives in Connemara, which in her words is ‘nature at its best’. These environments together with what she discovers during worldwide travel all are evident in Isobel’s designs.

Each feather shade is quite unique, as each feather differs from the next. Often the feathers can be dyed, cut, steamed and played with, to give a totally different effect, from classic and traditional to modern quirkiness.


Small 20cm high x 30cm wide, Medium 22cm high x 39cm wide

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