Felt Mug Cosy by Leiko Uchiyana


Felt Mug Cosy. 100% Wool. Colours light blue and brown 36 cms (circumference), 20 cms (inside), 30 cms (outside).

Leiko Uchiyana is a felt making artist, living in the picturesque Blackstairs Mountains of County Carlow, Ireland. Her journey here has taken her from her home in Japan, where she was a graduate in agricultural and textile design, to New Zealand, where she worked on a sheep farm. In Indonesia she developed her felt making techniques and afterwards moving to France.

The experience she has gathered through her making, and knowledge of types of wool, have helped her to refine her skills, and create beautiful and unique pieces

“I believe the origin of craft lies in creating something for someone special, not only to serve a function, but to make our lives more colourful and rich.” Leiko Uchiyana

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