Felt Stool by Leiko Uchiyama and Darragh Sinnott


Felt stool, a collaboration between Leiko Uchiyama and Darragh Sinnott which marries their skills in wood turning and felt making. This piece is exceptional in skill and design. 27 cms wide x 24 cms high.

“I make felt with wool. Everything is done by hand. Materials are raw fleece, or washed or combed wool. I dye it sometimes. I work with it until it becomes something fine and soft or thick and solid. Felt is the core for being who I am. Beyond languages, beyond borders it allows me to pile up my own experiences.” Leiko Uchiyama

“I love the feel of wood, the stories it can tell, its potential, how the same piece can have many lives, from a door, to a table, to a shelf, to a vase, to a pen.” Darragh Sinnott

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