Gibson Chair


Gibson Chair Irish Cottage Furniture. 61 cms wide, 90 cms high and 40.5 cms deep. Circular scorch mark evidence of farmer removing hot pan from fire and absentmindedly leaving on seat. Available for delivery in Ireland and the U.K only.

We don’t know a lot about Gibson chairs from official records. There’s a photo of a chairmaker – perhaps Mr. Gibson himself – taking the chairs to market circa 1880. But most of what we know about the chairs comes from the archaeological record.

They are stout and dramatic chairs, with a remarkable lean to the backrest of the chair – about 25°. The seats are wide, likely made for the sturdy local farmers who would appreciate the comfort and solidity of a Gibson chair after a long day of work.

The sticks are likely ash with the seat (a single piece), arms and crest typically made from sycamore. The way the back sticks lock to the arms is a key feature, as is the oval shape of the stick that passes through the arms. These features tension the components above the seat.

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