Green Dots Patricia Kelly


Green Dots by Patricia Kelly. 40.5 cms x 40.5 cms. Textile Art. Framed.

Patricia lives in Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland. She attended the Art college at Ulster University in Belfast where she obtained a B.A. Honors degree in Fine Craft Design, specializing in embroidered textiles.

Patricia has been ever inspired by the changing colour, light and texture of the rugged landscape and skies in the west of Ireland. Growing up on a farm, she was involved in the landscape in a very physical and tactile way, making hay and stacking turf. She attributes this experience to the very earthy, textural and repetitive quality of the work she produces today.

While her work presents an extensive, yet highly selective visual and tactile feast, it is restrained in a most sublime way. Marks, transparencies and opacities are beautifully suggestive and satisfying. As the light changes, pieces shift, breathe and alter. She received the the Northern Ireland Arts Council SIAP Award in 2022

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