It-tarag ghal fuq il-bejt by Thomas Scerri


It-tarag ghal fuq il-bejt (The Stairs Leading to the Roof), 2023 by Thomas Scerri. Mixed media; acrylics, charcoal and emulsion on paper. 23 x 30 cms.

Thomas Scerri was born in Malta to a local ceramicist, and exposed to art from an early age. After obtaining a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering he returned to Art and Design achieving a BFA and MFA in Digital Arts from the University of Malta. His work experiments with various materials, and currently focuses on sculpture and lens-based media.

Thomas has exhibited at Palazzo De La Salle, Spazju Kreattiv, Lazuli and Iniala 5. He has also exhibited in France at the Ecole National Superieure de la Photographie, Arles curated by Tadashi Ono. His work has been featured in the Times of Malta, the Malta Independent and internationally the CreativPaper, 1340 Art Magazine and BBA Gallery.

In 2023 he relocated to Ireland where he now lives in Cork.

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