Lichen Nest by Joe Hogan


Lichen Nest by Joe Hogan. Available in three sizes. These nests appear barely man made. Joe says that as he grows older he finds himself making work with a deeper connection to the landscape. His studio looks out across potato ridges, a series of horizontal lines that were once a system for potato cultivation. Man’s mark on the land. These nests are perhaps an example of nature’s mark on man. Either way Joe’s work reaffirms identity and rootedness. These nests are humble objects of great artistry and feeling.

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Joe Hogan has been making baskets at Loch na Fooey since 1978 and in that time has earned a reputation for baskets of the highest quality. The colours in these award winning baskets are those of the natural willows grown at Loch na Fooey.

In 2019 Joe was commissioned by Loewe to make several pods which were displayed at their Spring/ Summer 2019 fashion show in Paris. The commission consisted of 6 extra large pods, all greater than 1 meter in diameter and about 20 smaller sized pods.


Small 10 cms wide, Medium 13 cms wide, Large 17 cms wide

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