Lines of Contact by Cora Cummins


Lines of contact by Cora Cummins. Two forms sold as a pair. Non functional. Slab built irregular vessels in earthstone clay with layers of coloured slips and underglaze. Formed using soft slabs of clay, using only her hands. Cora approaches her work as an active form of meditation allowing the process and the clay to guide her. Large 12 cms x 7 cms x 26 cms. Medium 9 cms x 5.5 cms x 21 cms.

‘Lines of Contact’ by Cora Cummins, bring two forms together through intentional points of contact. This is a reference to the unseen grid of digital communications that now surround us, while being denied a physical connection with each other. Through multiple firings, Cora layers up washes of colour using slips and underglaze, striving for a quietness and balance.

Weight1 kg
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