Mindful Mug by Cora Cummins


Mindful mug by Cora Cummins in porcelain and decorated with coloured slips. Inspired by the Japanese Tea Ceremony these mugs are shaped to fit within your hand. Fired three to four times to achieve a balance between form, shape and colour. 11.5 cms high


Mindful mug by Cora Cummins, who is the recipient of this year’s Ceramics Ireland award. Cora, a ceramic artist and teacher, describes clay as her canvas. Her paintings are an investigation of the mind. Her intent behind these mindful mugs is to give all those who hold them a sense of themselves. Each hand must carefully consider how to place it around the mug. Equal care is given to the exterior and interior of the mug, as Cora considers her external surroundings alongside her internal thoughts.
“And in my hand, a forest lies asleep.” M. Stewart

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