Mother Earth by Debbie Chapman


Mother Earth by Debbie Chapman. Acrylic on thin edged wrapped canvas. 60 cms x 50 cms. Unframed.

“Tending to our relationships with the earth as our nurturing entity.” Debbie Chapman

Debbie Chapman is a contemporary Irish artist working from a studio in West Dublin. Her work is fluid in approach, exploring different media; oil, acrylics and hints of collage. Debbie’s practice is predominantly figuratively based even in its abstraction. Organic shapes and brilliant blocks of colour often collaborate with realism, creating an exciting yet harmonious balance.

She exhibits internationally and has been commissioned for public, corporate and personal collections.

“I’m exploring several interconnecting themes: the essence of humanity, the narratives we construct for ourselves, and the profound influence we exert on one another, as well as our remarkable planet.

I paint as a way of understanding and to start conversations that might make people think and reflect, hopefully in a kinder, gentler, more responsible way.” Debbie Chapman

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