Movement of Spring by Caroline Bowles


Movement of Spring, 2024 by Caroline Bowles. Aquarelle Pastel, Acrylic and Graphite on gessoed canvas. Artel stretcher in aluminium and wood. 122 cms x 183 cms.

“I am a visual artist working in the areas of drawing and painting. As a movement painter, I create spaces for the figure to emerge out of the blank spaces of the canvas in a free flowing, unimpeded stream. I find myself reimaging figurative and abstract postures which express something of the beauty of enacted truth in gesture, fluidity, the passage of time and how it is held emotionally in the human frame.

Through painting and drawing I explore visual expressions of the beauty and fragility of the body in movement which arise like mountain and valley scapes, rhythmic, gestural and at times, humorous.

The embodied act of painting, touching in just enough to capture the figure in movement, allowing them to emerge on the canvas until they are barely visible, keeps these images gestural, active and authentic.” Caroline Bowles

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