Porcelain Beaker with Rush-work by Geraldine Wisdom


Porcelain Beaker with Rushwork by Geraldine Wisdom. 11 cms high by 8 cms in diameter. Rushwork detail made with lake rushes.

Geraldine Wisdom came to ceramics from a background in rush-work and basketry. Her functional works aims to combine these two concerns, with the impermanence of the rush-work contrasting with the permanence of porcelain. The natural forms or rush-work, organic and transient in nature, leave a fossil-like record when cast in ceramic.

The natural beauty of Lough Derg draws Geraldine. It is here she harvests bull rushes (Scirpus Lacustris) chest deep in fresh waters. These then go through a lengthy process before being woven to create insulting sleeves for ceramic pieces.

“To combine natural, but diverse materials to produce functional pieces to comfort the user in everyday life.” Geraldine Wisdom

Weight1 kg
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