Reclining Pod by Joe Hogan


Reclining Pod by Joe Hogan. Ash wood with natural wood. Harrison willow. 97 x 73 x 64 cms.

Joe Hogan’s studio is based at Loch na Fooey in the West of Ireland. He discovered the area during a cycling trip in the 1970’s and was immediately drawn to its natural beauty and the local way of life. He and his wife moved there in 1978 and planted willow in their very first spring, which they have harvested, cut and dried themselves ever since. Joe incorporates locally found materials such as bark, logs, lichen and catkins to make his uniquely sculptural handwoven baskets, for which he has gained international recognition. In 2018, he was shortlisted for the Loewe Craft prize.

“I was drawn to basketmaking because willow growing provided an opportunity to live rurally and develop a real understanding for a particular place. I take some time each year to try new ideas and to make new designs but I also value repetition and the fluency it develops. You learn to be patient, to work in the present moment and to not prejudge the outcome. For the past ten years or so I have become increasingly interested in making non-functional baskets, some of which involve the use of found pieces of wood. This work is prompted by a desire to develop a deeper connection to the natural world.” Joe Hogan

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