Residues Bog Pool by Dawn West


Residues Bog Pool by Dawn West. Memory drawing of a small moment of calm amidst the natural world that sees increasing deterioration. Water based printing ink and acrylic wash on 150g/m2 acid free paper. Paper size 28.1 cms x 21 cms.

A moss covered rock in a field corner, broken reeds in a bog pool or a ruined ring fort offer moments of calm amidst the natural landscape, the plants and animals that inhabit it that are increasingly destroyed or degraded. Even these last vestiges in small out of the way places are sometimes destroyed.

Dawn West received an honours degree in Print and Contemporary Practice from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2014. She works with drawing, printmaking and lately ceramics, and is primarily concerned with the crises that nature is facing as observed on her daily walks.

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