Súgán Chair (SOLD)


Súgán Chair with original woven hemp seat. Circa late 1800’s – early 1900’s. 80 cms high, 35 cms deep and 42 cms wide. Originally would have been considered among the family’s better chairs. Available for delivery in Ireland or the U.K.

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The Súgán Chair derives its name from the Gaelic word for straw Súgán. They were found in most Irish homes, especially in rural parts and were considered among the households best chairs.

Súgán chairs could be painted or left natural and were made from whatever local wood was available, oak being the strongest and most expensive. Their straw seats could be woven in many different ‘weaves’, depending on the local style, and were strong and far more comfortable to sit upon than a hard wooden seat, with no need for a cushion. The weave provided comfort and strength to the chair’s frame.

The Irish Súgán is simple in design built without nails; its strength is reliant on its framework of mortise and tenon joints. An unassuming chair, with a beautifully simple aesthetic.

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