Sycamore Vessel by Max Brosi


Sycamore Vessel by Max Brosi. Turned from wet sycamore, charred, sandblasted and finished with pigment and wax. Diameter 27 cms and height 24 cms.

For over 20 years Max Brosi has worked as a sculptural woodturner and inspired by the shapes and textures he finds along the coast. His work frequently references the sea with carved ripples, wave shapes and flowing outlines. The surfaces are bleached and ebonised to remove the distraction of the colour of wood while enhancing the light and shadow effects. He sites the challenge of working with wood as a constant source of inspiration, turning an unforgiving material into the liquid form of wave and ripple and working with the nature of wood to distort during drying and beyond. Max Brosi’s work is a beautiful evocation of wood which marries form and texture. His work was recently exhibited in the Portfolio collection, which profiles the highest level of craftsmanship in the country.

Weight2 kg
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