Wood Island, Inchiquinn by Kaye Maahs


Woody Island, Inchiquinn by Kaye Maahs. Oil on Board. 30 cms x 30 cms. Framed

In 2016 Irish Times Art Critic, Aidan Dunne described Maahs’ work as “beautifully observed and understated ….Maahs is an artist to keep an eye on.”

Landscape predominates Maahs’ work, and ordinary subject matter within the landscape becomes elevated through her delicate handling of paint. Her palette has been described as both ‘tender’ and ‘judicious’. Each painting has it’s own story. So it is not surprising to learn that Maahs’ originally hails from just outside the town of Listowel in County Kerry. Home to both John B. Keane, Brian MacMahon and nearer to still Maahs’ home village the writer Maurice Walsh.

Her paintings hold a deep connection to Romanticism, with a contemporary twist often bordering on minimalism. When asked about this Maahs smiles before responding, “I would agree even though ‘impressionistic’ has often been used to describe my work. While I can understand this I tend to see myself as more of an minimalist at heart. I like to take the noise out of my painting, so that it just becomes me, and the landscape.”

“To me there are two halves to my practice, the inspiration and the paint. To borrow Neil Shawcross’ words, “If you follow any painter’s career you (the artist) are known for subject matter, but you are a painter first, and it doesn’t really matter, you need something to trigger your painterly response, but it is the response that matter.” For me it is the response that is at the heart of my practice.”

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